Yun Teng, Documentation Lead at Feelers:

~ Our Labs projects in 2021 places a focus on proposals that integrate performance and technology, testing how liveness and audience experience can be remapped across digital, virtual and physical space. With an emphasis on playtesting, experimentation and development, documentation becomes an important way to trace the process and evolution of each Lab project. Beyond the material outcomes, we place value on the processual, social, emotional, virtual and immaterial aspects of the Labs.

These are the driving considerations behind the development of this growing, open (and incomplete) archive. This page is an exercise in creating a constellation of materials and drawing connections between the different ideas, actions, objects and traces of each project. In doing so, it reflects, responds to, and unfolds their processes. It also attempts to think about the ways in which archival documentation can be activated, and how sites of interpretation can be generated. ~