Feelers is an art & technology studio & artist collective. We initiate and nurture cross-pollination between arts and technology through projects which increase accessibility, deepen engagement and foreground the value of the art-making process.

We believe how art is made and consumed needs to evolve. With a fluid existence that crosses online and offline spaces, we collaborate with artists on projects that consider how art and technology can be cross-pollinated for social good. Besides product and presentation, we emphasise playtesting, process and documentation.

Signal, not noise. How should art & technology adapt to an accelerating world of combined and uneven development? How can art & technology challenge systems and beliefs that reproduce inequality? How can art & technology empower and care for marginalised communities? How can art & technology offer other ways of being, living, working and making?

We are interested in a sustainable, inhabitable and lively world for all. We want to collaborate with you on processes and solutions that endure.

We welcome projects which

_ challenge what art can be and how it can be made
_ cross-pollinate art and technology in meaningful ways
_ develop new infrastructure, hardware and software for communities
_ combine, cross-pollinate and/or disregard disciplines
_ adapt and respond to present contexts and climates
_ risk failure
_ do good

Feelers is housed within Potato Productions.


Ang Kia Yee
➜ Project Lead

Kia Yee is a transdisciplinary writer and artist whose practice spans writing, performance and organising. She is interested in ecology, objects, desire, speculation, different ways of gathering and being together, as well as cross-pollination between seemingly disparate disciplines and entities. As the Project Lead of Feelers, she oversees and leads the development of Feelers at the intersections of art, technology and business.

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Ashley Hi
➜ Technology and Programmes Lead

Ashley is an artist and creative developer who works across design, computing, and architecture to produce sensory spaces and interactive experiences. As Technology and Programmes Lead of Feelers, she believes art and technology can disrupt binaries of knowledge and imagination, structure and agency, everyday life and unending history to form alternative perspectives and durable solutions.

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Seet Yun Teng
➜ Curator, Writer, Arts Manager

Yun Teng is interested in how we can capture, reflect on, and play with the artistic processes of creation and collaboration. She works between curating, writing, producing and making. Her current research interests revolve around the entanglements between weaving, computing, cybernetics and networks; notions of hybridity, transformations and transmutations in alternative futures.

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Mengju Lin
➜ Artist

Mengju's artistic practice revolves around the agency of non-human things - especially images, sound, text and objects - and how they protest. Her current research involves punk ideology and guerrilla metaphysics. She is a co-conspirator of @radioriotgrrrl with Nadhirah Khalid, and she plays in a band called Terrapin with artists Jeremy Sharma and Lai Yu Tong.

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